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Seeking New Members

The Assistive Technology Advisory Council is seeking new members to fill vacancies on the roster. If you are a consumer who uses assistive technology (AT), a family member or guardian representing a person who uses AT, or a professional who works with consumers on AT-related issues, and you are interested in providing guidance and direction related to AT products and services throughout Wisconsin, apply to be a member on the AT Council.

State Assistive Technology Advisory Council

The State Assistive Technology (AT) Advisory Council is a requirement of the AT Act of 1998, as amended. The purpose of the council is "to provide consumer-responsive, consumer-driven advice to the State for, planning of, implementation of, and evaluation of the activities carried out through the grant, including setting the measurable goals."

At least 51 percent of council membership is comprised of people with disabilities, who are AT users. The other members of the council are representatives from agencies and organizations as prescribed in the AT Act. Wisconsin’s AT Advisory Council provides advice and guidance on the following:

  • Wisconsin’s State Plan for Assistive Technology;
  • WisTech program support and evaluation;
  • Monitoring of program data and outcomes; and
  • Developing and maintaining AT partnerships.

If interested in becoming a member, please visit the Members and Liaisons section of this website.

For more information about the Assistive Technology Advisory Council, please contact:

Wisconsin Assistive Technology Advisory Council
1 W. Wilson Street, Room 551
PO Box 2659
Madison, WI 53701-2659
Phone: 608-266-2536
Fax: 608-267-3203